Help Make Me An Amazon Best Selling Author… Please?

If you ever wanted to get the Unconditional Love Activator but didn’t want to pay seven bucks, here is your chance to get it for 99 cents.

In my new book on Kindle, The Grand Experiment, there is a link to the Activator. All you have to pay is the 99 cents on Kindle.
If you don’t have a Kindle, you can view it on the Kindle PC edition…


Now, why would you want to get the Unconditional Love Activator?

Well, this is why:

The Unconditional Love Activation is Your First Step To Freedom, Power, Purpose, And Self-Expression

When You Feel You Are Loved, Appreciated -Unconditionally – Life Stops Being An Uphill Struggle

Before the activation, you do stuff so that people like you, accept you, so you can feel useful and ok.
After the activation, you know. Not with your conscious mind, instead you know it with your whole being.

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