What Does It Say About You That You Have A Pet?

This article will upset many. Just please know, that if you are getting upset, it is indicating that your vibration is very low, and the anger is a smoke screen to avoid seeing it, and avoid being seen as such. As a pet owner, you are, probably, priding yourself of giving life to a pet, but the reality is much more sinister than that.

Consciousness is going to cost you something… a delusion? An illusion? Being asleep and oblivious? We shall see.

Another reason it is important for some of you to read is this: if you want to become and Expanding Human Being, if you want to raise your vibration, then you need to be effective. In order to become effective, you need to act on what’s real, on what’s so, instead of action on some delusion, some fantasy… like Don Quixote.

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