My teaching style… does it work? should I change it? a comparison with other teaching modalities

Summary: In this article I examine different teaching styles in the area of spirituality, consciousness and transformation, and I explain why I teach the way I teach.
I got an email from a student of mine yesterday. I quote the whole letter in the footnotes…

I have been obsessing over it for the past hour or so: it feels hurtful, it feels like she says that I am wrong to teach the way I teach.

Her argument that Scientology teaches the way she suggests that I teach sounds really compelling, after all they got her to a respectable low vibration of 130… with a lot of what she says they did well. This sentence was tongue in cheek, if you haven’t noticed. 130 is misery.

Her vibration is 200 now. Not very high, but she got herself off the street level hustle and bustle…


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