TLB score

TLB stands for “Twitchy Little Bastards” or alternatively Marshmallow Eater.

Your TLB score (1 to 100) measures how willing and able you are to defer gratification. How well you tolerate the physical and non-physical pain of not acting on an impulse.

Twitchy Little Bastards and Marshmallow eaters amount to less in life, because to amount to anything, you have to learn things that require you to spend time with the unpleasantness or learning, practice, getting good at something that you were originally not good at.

Your chances for a good life, maybe even happiness depend on your TLB score, and it should be your number one priority to increase it.

Most people’s TLB score is 1. High achievers have ┬áTLB scores as high as 30. Mine is 50. I have been training myself for 30 odd years.
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