Taking you where Life wants you to go … Updated because it is important

This article distinguishes the most important thing you need to know about growing.
Without growing you are dying. Every minute of every day.
Survival is dying.

The purpose of life is living…. not dying.
Most people I know are either stuck or are coasting… They are going noplace… fast or slow… it is unsatisfying and yet… starting to move in the direction Life wants you to go, or even where you want to go is near impossible… Just look at most people…

This article will reveal a secret… the secret of taking your life where Life wants you to go.

I have been clear that Life wants each of us to go someplace… not necessarily physical, not necessarily to a life-purpose, and yet it is a place. A non-physical place.

When I ask myself where Life wants me to go, after the almost immediate fear-reflex, I feel that I am where Life wants me to be. Doing what Life wants me to do. Afraid that I am not going to succeed.

But then again, Life is not a life-coach who talks you to death with goal setting, and specific, measurable results, and milestones, and bold audacious actions…

Thank god, because if it came to goal setting, I would be a slacker…

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