What Is Evil? What Is Dark Side? And What Does It Have To Do With The Tree of Good And Evil?

Sometime in August the Dark Side disappeared. I did it.

It was an accident. I intended to destroy the Dark Side, yes, some day, in some special way, but the actual doing it was quite an accident. I was surprised when it happened.

I was working on the first phase activation of the countries. I found a small bunch of countries, among them my birthplace, that registered as “gone over to the Dark Side” and their vibration was low, and they weren’t accepting the activation.

Then I was working on a person, a tester, and felt that somehow the Dark Side was wedged between him and myself. I asked Source if I can just download the activator to the wedged Dark Side. The answer was yes, so I did it. It went through. It left silence and peace in its wake.

Muscle test showed that it went to 0… before that it was gradually diminishing, from 55% when I started in July to… 5 or 10%, I don’t recall.

I was elated. I was really happy.

I frequently measured after that, and it stayed at zero for three months.

Then it started to show an increase. It’s at 2% now.


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