The Amish Horse Training Method


The Amish don’t use automobiles… they ride horse-drawn carriages and buggies even on roads that have heavy truck traffic.

An untrained horse is afraid of loud noises: they are similar to a predator attacking, so they try to get away and pull the buggy into oncoming traffic, under the wheels of other vehicles, maybe an 18-wheeler.

The Amish trains their young horses by tying them to a pole next to a busy highway, a few hours at a time, for at least 30 days.

The horse learns, slowly, that the noise of a passing truck doesn’t mean anything. It is not life threatening, it is just noise. It’s not that the noise goes away. It’s not that the horse doesn’t hear the passing trucks. It is that it can tell that it is not personal…

Your mind is like a highway with heavy traffic.

We use this Amish horse training method to train your consciousness to learn what is relevant what is not by listening to the inner noises, the voices that talk incessantly to you, about you, about the world, about others.

99% of the voices are just voices… they are not you, neither are you thinking what they are saying. If you obey them, you lose who you are, you lose what YOU want, you lose your Self.

The voices tell you what you should do, what you should think, how you should be, and point out all the ways you are not good enough.

Those same voices also create emotions of fear, resistance, trepidation, anger, disgust, etc. in you… They are the result of you, on some level, heeding those voices, considering them communication, pulling your life into oncoming traffic, or off the road… like an untrained Amish horse.

When you get good at the Amish horse training process, you’ll find yourself with no emotions, or not much. You will find that you have a sense of who you are, what is important to you, integrity, love, compassion, gratitude… in the silence of your Self.

The noise, the voices heard as voices, won’t create emotions in you… and you become free to do things, think things, learn things, create things. You are ready for coherence. You are ready to create your life, create your reality.
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