2015 Passover, the blood moon, what is Passover about?

I grew up communist, atheist, so when I left Hungary in 1982, I went to Israel to find out what it means to be Jewish. Honestly, I didn’t like any of it… It wasn’t for me… all that tradition, or alternatively all that worldliness…

I came the the US, and at some point I started to study Kabbalah with the Kabbalah Centre… Kabbalah is an incomprehensible vague oral tradition, wide open to interpretation, and thus, for most people it is quite useless. Mystical, yeah… but… mystical for a purpose is poison to your soul.

The study of Kabbalah used to be limited to men over 40. Why? because younger men, and women are more result oriented.

Result oriented is good… you would say if you live in our culture, that is what you are supposed to be, right?

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