Indigestion… what is it and why is it the number one killer?

After I finished writing this article, I looked up the word “indigestion”… the correct word I should have used: incomplete digestion… although then not many people would open this post… lol. So I am leaving it the way it is, even though indigestion, literally, is a discomfort, around the stomach area.
Most people get fat because of indigestion or poor digestion.

When you have indigestion, the discomfort mimics hunger, and you eat more.

The stomach is the first organ where digestion begins. Proteins: meat, fish, eggs, cheeses need the stomach to have strong acid to break the bigger protein molecules to their components, amino acids.

Strong acid, 2-3 on the PH scale (7 is neutral). Most people’s stomach, after age 30, is less acidic, and they the protein has to hang out in the stomach long to be broken down.

Carbs, vegetables need an alkaline environment to start being broken down to digestible elements.

After age 30, a sandwich that has protein and bread, meat and potatoes, stews are quite deadly, because the elements of the meal require an different PH environment to be broken down.

This is especially true if the meal exceeds the two fist rule.
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