The benefits of knowing you are stupid… or why high self-esteem kills your life

Fact: The world is getting more complicated by the second, but our habits are stuck on the level of hunters and gatherers, the stone age, the simple times.

The complexity, the amount of stuff to deal with, even if you are just using the modern appliances and technical gadgets of the day, is almost higher than the complexity of engineering used to be, 40-50 years ago. I should know, I have two engineering degrees… and I can see it every day. Mind boggling.

But your relationship to learning didn’t keep up with the world: your main attitude about things is: “I should already know this” or “I should be able to do it without learning anything new.”

There is a huge disconnect between the you that you think you are, and the you that is out in the world, consistently failing, falling short, and experiences other, largely ignored, feedback from the world.

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