I just distinguished something about humility: Humility and growth mindset are synonymous.

Lack of humility and fixed mindset are also synonymous.

From time to time I run experiments where I work with one student beyond what they pay for, to test out a methodology I hope will be instructive and will work for most students.

Most people have a fixed mindset.

What does fixed mindset have to do with skills?

Unfortunately a whole lot. Why unfortunately? Because if you have fixed mindset, you somehow, magically, think that skills are innate and you don’t have to learn them.

But neither knowledge, nor skills are innate: humans were designed to be shaped by their own actions primarily. That means: your genetic heritage counts about 10% of who you are, and 90% comes from environmental influences, including your own efforts, attitudes, and actions.

One will say: bummer. Another will say: thank god.

And both will be right…

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