I have added a new measure to the Starting Point Measurements: humility. Humility is the measure whether you can grow or not

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. Wrote Rick Warren in The Purpose-Driven Life, where it appears as part of Day 19, “Cultivating Community.”
When you have “thinking of yourself” block or filter what you are looking at, you end up in a small box that is all about you.

There is no joy there.

I just finished my Sunday call… unfortunately I forgot to turn on the recorder… it was all about this principle, about how different people have a different amount of time spent thinking of themselves, and how the amount of misery they experience differs, very consistently, accordingly.

Different soul corrections place different amount of emphasis on “it is all about you”, so each of us gets a different start in life… some are more about it than others.

Want to know yours?

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