Success? Failure? The difference between success and failure: it’s how you look at it.

As I am working to strengthen the integrity of my site (slow going and a lot of mundane work) I re-read some of my earlier articles, and I am amazed how good they are.

I wish I could just take a metaphorical funnel and pour them all in your brain… But…

You probably would not be able to use any of it.

Anything you don’t earn, or you don’t feel your earned will be rejected by your higher self…

At some period in my life I wrote articles about strippers and strip clubs, and was stupefied by the strippers’ behavior. They earned their money in a way that their higher self did not condone, so they had to get rid of all their money, and fast.

Some, where this inner conflict didn’t exist, invested their money and became rich.

Life, money, success, failure is how you look at it.

This is what this article is about…
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