Frequently Asked Questions

Why I refused to measure your vibration?
What is Scarcity? What is Scarcity Thinking?
Do you offer a refund on measuring your vibration?
How to infuse energy in your water
What happens when you receive an energy download and then you ask for your money back?
Is it OK to mute the audio or the Harmonizer of the HOE long range? Will I still get the benefit?
Strategy to use when you read my blog:
More on energies, especially the Heaven on Earth
What is Context?
What does it mean to raise the vibration?
What is “having”? What is allowing? Why does allowing make such a big difference?
How do you measure vibration?
What are the 5 interview questions?
Do you need to change to raise your vibration?
What is your soul correction? What is your soul’s purpose?
Who is this site for?
I’d like to raise my vibration. What do I need to do?
Why are you promoting other teachers on your blog? And if you are promoting them, why do you tell people how fake they are?
Can I book a private session with you?
Your rights as a buyer of my products

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