How do you measure vibration?

I am a true empath and can connect to anyone if there is enough identification. When I am connected to someone or something, I can muscle test any information about them, except divination, which is predicting a future event. It is against ground rules: free will.

I need to be connected to Source (all-of-it, also called the zero point field) to get an accurate reading.

When I am connected to Source, I am not in my mind, so what I think, my personal judgment, likes or dislikes don’t influence the muscle test result.

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How to measure vibration? vibrational frequency…

How do I measure vibration?

Shall I measure your vibration when you are your best, or when you are your worst?

How can I measure the vibration of water across the planet? How do I know what to connect to, when I connect to a bottle of water you have?

You asked for your vibrational reading. You don’t agree…

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