Why are you promoting other teachers on your blog? And if you are promoting them, why do you tell people how fake they are?

Answer: lol… very funny.

First off: I do not promote other teachers. Promoting would mean that I get something out of the deal, money, or them promoting me back.

In fact, I would only promote a program if I tried it and if it worked for me.

Full disclosure: I made a whopping 178 bucks from putting the link in the article for the Paradigm Jumping product by Burt Goldman. In my opinion it is a great way to get out of your own way… when you notice that you are your worst enemy, which is often.

So then why do I write about these people? I consider it public service. I get an email asking me, or a search looking for that person on my site, and I get curious. I check them out myself, and find out what they are about, etc.

I already have the “data” so it takes me only another minute or two to publish it.

According to feedback, people have a hard time to tell if someone is a fake or not, if someone has high vibration or not, so I am willing and able to help. I can tune into them, read their faces, and muscle test for the truth. It’s easy for me.
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