People who make fast and good decisions, go further in life. Success loves speed

Since the last article, I’ve kept on poking at simplicity… and the idea of decision making came up… fast and furious. I didn’t expect it.

Like everything else, this rabbit hole is a mile deep, but I can see that the benefits of seeing what’s there are priceless… People who make fast and good decisions, go further in life.

Success loves speed.

Our simplistic, skating on the surface approach to everything is of course what is keeping us stuck in hovering above being a human animal… but not moving on from there.

My Sunday call was again very useful in this… bringing the seemingly disparate, unrelated, large number of components that could gel into a coherent picture… why we don’t have simplicity, why we have disorder and clutter instead.

I am indecisive… in important things and in small things as well. I can make a quick buying decision, but that’s the only place I am decisive.

I would not have thought that the enemy of simplicity is indecisiveness, but found a ton of articles that claim that simplicity is turned into disorder and unnecessary complexity through indecisiveness.

Doing things to avoid making a decision. I just sat through a 2-hour webinar that made my head hurt: the developers of a software are including everything that anyone can wish for… instead of creating simplicity and elegance… something i would buy, but I see that if I bought the cumbersome version, I would never have the time to master it.

I see indecisiveness there… indecisiveness that destroyed marketability: I am not buying.

OK, back to myself: I have three ways to make decisions:

1. knee jerk reaction fueled by some strong and temporary emotion, anger mostly. Or vengefulness. Less often, but it is still there.
2. no decision.
3. the thing can be muscle tested… so the muscle test makes the decision for me.

I have a hunch that I am not alone with this tendency to avoid making decisions: the number of people I have met who, after having made a decision to retire, leave, quit, divorce, now artificially sustain the decision making emotion…. showing that they never actually made the decision: it was the emotion that did it.

Divorce, retirement, changing jobs… all fueled by and then justified forever by ugly emotions, finger pointing, and acting like a victim.
No one says: I left because I decided to leave… no, that is not justifiable… there has to be more… for it to be politically correct
But in essence this shows that people are unable or afraid to make decisions.

Including myself.

Why? Does it matter? Because responsibility is one of the highest spiritual capacities, leading to a successful life… A threshold capacity.

It is useful to learn ways of decision making, making decisions that we can be happy with.

Some, like myself, can’t decide what to eat, so I leave myself no choice… I eat what I have. Going out? No way!

The key element, the key capacity is responsibility.

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