The Daily Connection

I have scheduled a bunch of short webinars, daily, to support you in connecting.

The webinars are called the Daily Connection webinars. They are at 10 am weekdays, 11 am Sundays, NY time. (When I have some obstacle, I reschedule and send an email to everyone who is registered.) On September 30th, Friday, I will have the call at 7 pm NY time instead, I have a doctor’s appointment. You know… my Atlas…)

On these daily short webinars I instruct you to switch on the connection, correctly, so you can get all the light that is due to you.

You need to register only once, and then show up on the calls when you can. Easy, painless. 15 minutes at a time. Nothing else but connecting and an activator download. to register

Daily participation is recommended but not mandatory. If and when you are able to connect on your own, you are set… except

On these calls I also download a new activator each time, with the intention to test it.

Activators are positive mindset sand feelings that you were supposed to have but probably don’t.

Example: the capacity to love yourself… you can’t take care of yourself, unless you do love yourself.

Once this capacity is activated you’ll notice a marked difference how you feel towards yourself.

Depression lifts, and your capacity for joy, your capacity to be a winner return.

You’ll be amazed how fast and how well they work.

I would also appreciate if you brought a friend. You’ll feel good about sharing something with them, and this work will get out to the seven billion people half the time, so please, help accelerate “the thousand years of peace.”

Thank you again for being on the webinar

lol (lots of love). Sophie
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