What if getting unstuck is a formula? or How to be a Houdini?

You are nearly always stuck. You may not notice, because you are not rocking the boat, shaking the tree, you are not trying for more, better or different, you are sleepwalking.

When I say “you” I mean, you, me, everyone.

And I am sleepwalking too, but at least some of the time I am conscious of it.

Now… where is this going… right? Do you have to say something, Sophie? yes, I do.

Yesterday was one of those “trouble comes in three’s…” day.

My landlord said something that scared the bejesus out of me… it looks he wants me to move, or else. One of my students got mad at me and quit. And it looked I was on my own getting groceries… the store is far… and the groceries are heavy.

So I saw that regardless of my normally quiet mind, sleep was largely out of question. So I read thill 12:30, and got up at five. And sat down to work.

It, life, my life, looked hopeless. I felt stuck. It felt real.
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