Your map of reality and the post-truth world… what is it all about?

I have been pretty dumbfounded lately by my findings. As you know I use muscletesting while connected to Source to glean insights into things…

It has given me the “Forest Whitaker eye” lol.

Here are a few examples:

1. I have already shared that it took me testing 20 pages of Turmeric products to find one that tested yes. Price, label, manufacturer, story didn’t matter… and when I actually bought it and used it, the results were miraculous. Beyond my wildest expectations.But what was wrong with the rest?
2. I had the same experience with Potassium, which I need almost daily… And in the end I bought one that works.What is wrong with the rest of them?
3. Sulphur… edible sulphur, a main component of bones…
4. Egg shells… this was really just out of curiosity: I am making my own egg shell capsules from the eggs I have used.

I am thinking of selling them… what do you think? Best calcium ever, but it’s a lot of work to prepare the egg shells…

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