True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.

Be Better at Life by Thinking of Yourself Less
The power of self-transcendence. In a paradoxical twist, research suggests that the less we think about ourselves, the better we become. Self-transcendence not only allows us to overcome our greatest fears and break through our limits, but it also improves our performance in less heroic, everyday activities.
The measure inside the Starting Point Measurements, the measure that asks to what percent you think of yourself is confusing to most people.

They think that the higher the number is the more selfish they are. Selfish… bad.

They think that they selfishly think of themselves instead of others.

But… here there is a big but, that you won’t like. Why? Because it is counter-cultural. Culture says that you should think about others. You should live for others. You should sacrifice yourself for others… Doesn’t it say that?
But if you think of others: your number will still be high…

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