What you crave is experiences…

This morning I am looking at the tremendous difference between high vibration and low vibration. My head is spinning… wow.

One can say, that vibration is a number that measures how much of reality you see accurately.

What you see, of course, depends on what you know, what you can distinguish from everything else… accurately.
What you see, of course, depends on where you are when you are looking. How high, and how wide and how deep you look.
and what you see, of course depends on what you’ll consider as relevant… we’ll consider this your grounds of being.
and lastly, what you see will depend on your attitude aka what is driving the looking.

All these, of course, are nearly invisible for the looker. the person whose vibration we measure…

I am saying “nearly invisible” because unless you pay attention to what you see, to where you are looking from, to what you consider relevant and to what is your attitude… these factors are unconscious and therefore not seen. Invisible.
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The biggest challenge in transformation and a free video

I have said it before, but can’t say this enough, you live in a world of your own design, a puny 1% of reality. That is the world your conscious mind knows, and you only have fleeting glimpses of a world beyond that.

When you read, watch a movie, listen to me, you hear what resonates with you inside this 1% world, and at best humor me about the rest.

The method transformation needs to employ is to shock you out of your 1%, so you can see that the world is bigger than you see it.

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Intelligence and vibration: how are they connected?

First off let’s distinguish what we mean by intelligence, so we can get on the same page, and hopefully mean the same thing by the same words.

Intelligence will be, according to this article, the degree with which your perception coincides with what’s there.

The average intelligence of currently living humans is 12%. That means, roughly every eighth thing that you consider true is actually true. Of course the distribution of errors of judgment is probably different… as you will see in this article… later on.

Intelligence is also intimately related to how harmonious, how coherent you are in the moment.

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Where did evolution take a wrong turn? Can we go back and take the right turn?

Lots of questions are coming up… Is it possible to be happy, to have ikigai, purpose, and joy if you live in your imagination?

What is the main difference between animals and homo sapiens?

The only differences I can see are

1. homo sapiens (modern humans) live in the mind… thinking it’s reality
2. homo sapiens have conscience
3. homo sapiens live like anything different from what they want is wrong.
4. homo sapiens have usury relationships, win-lose, zero sum.

I have written a lot of articles about living in the mind, and have courses to help you spend at least some of your time outside of the mind that is like a cave…

But I haven’t written about conscience.
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