Why doesn’t the “Law of Attraction” work for you? Why are you getting sh*t rained on you instead of abundance?

This article isn’t about the law of attraction… it is about the Law of Cause and Effect… about time and about how nature cannot be tricked… it will give you what you paid for… eventually…

You can look at your activities and predict what your life is like, and whether you are building a life, i.e. investing, or harvesting and harvesting and harvesting without ever sawing.

I spend 60% of my time listening to audios, partner calls, the book of The Art of Hunting Humans, 20% of my time reading and the remaining 20% is for talking, writing, or cooking.

This means: I have a headset on me every waking hour, even while I am reading… Not music, it is hearing myself breathe on the Big Bundle energy audio.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I am working TOWARDS something… and I am investing my time. 99% of my activities are investing type. I am investing in two things:

a life that is longer than I had earned until now, and
knowledge and insights that can turn into real teaching for altering the future of the planet… Yeah, big things… big things worth investing in.

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Everything that is valuable is invisible when things are fast. Updated…

In the partner calls of the Playground course, some people are in a hurry to get through…
How you do anything is how you do everything… they are in a hurry to get through life to get to the good stuff.
They are missing life, they are missing the partner call and benefits it can give them: getting present to the invisible.
What is invisible for you now becomes visible when you slow down.
Unfortunately to all of us, today’s lifestyle with the movies that have quick cuts, with social media, with fast cars, slowing down feels counter intuitive, so we take pride in being fast… and faster.
But being fast makes you miss everything.
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Your biological age… are you younger or older than your calendar age?

I have been looking at biological age as an overall indicator of how a person is doing health-wise.

Including myself.

At this point, please forgive me, I am more interested in myself, my own health than in yours. Selfish? Yeah. Selfless? yeah.
How can it be both selfish and selfless?
I am interested in getting a second lease on life, so I can do more of what I’ve been doing: pump Source for solutions for you, for your health, for your peace of mind, for your fulfillment, for you becoming all you can become.

So if I didn’t have you as a “client”… I would not be interested in extending my life either. So thank you… very much.

I would not be interested in most of the things i am interested in… I can thank my life to you.
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How old is your body?

I had my usual Sunday call today… and the issue of how old is your body came up. My friend’s body is 90 years old… and though I am only four or five yours younger, my body checks as a 50 year old…

As I have shared before, some time in the beginning of August I realized that I was dying.

It had been a process that started a year earlier… with some dramatic happenings, including falling and breaking my left arm. It wasn’t the cause: it was a symptom. And by this August the future was obvious: I had a short time to live, with very restricted movement…

I have no health insurance, I trust in no doctors, I have no savings, I have no family to bail me out.

I had a choice to make: to live or not to live.

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Your soul correction and how you react to things… like being abandoned in a car as a child

One of the most interesting things to track is how much of the interpretation of an original incident depends on the person’s soul correction.

OK, let me explain: we come into the world with a supposedly blank slate… We don’t know anything, and we need to learn everything.

And yet, we seem to have a certain bend… as if humanity had sub-species…

Why? I don’t know. This is pretty much the only reason I think there is an Original Design… from where it comes, I have no idea. Maybe we ARE in a created world… a whole lot more sophisticated than what the Bible sets up…

Anyway, every person is born with a soul correction. It is not the soul that needs correction… it is the person. The soul is perfect… I think.

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself” and it is an attitude where I place myself above everyone… For me to ask for anything, anyone, anything, including Life, Source, etc. is DOING MY SOUL CORRECTION.

I don’t think the soul correction can be ever completed… it is like a slope in reality… it needs to be compensated for, no matter where you are on the evolutionary scale.

There are all kinds of other aspects to a human… the Zodiac, the Human Design… all come from the time and date of birth…

Why? I don’t know.

Now… to my topic for this article: similar incidents happen to many children: they find themselves abandoned.

It is their interpretation… or the truth… for a child 15 minutes that they didn’t know was going to happen feels like forever.

And not surprisingly, given what I just said before, a child interprets what happened differently, and reacts to it differently.

And then live their life out of that interpretation and the fix they invented… as if that were the only way to be.

I get daily emails from digg.com and some of my inspiration for the article come from there…

There was a photo article about dogs alone in cars… And the accompanying text by and about the photographer, saying:

“I don’t know when or where or for how long, possibly at the age of four, perhaps outside a supermarket, probably fifteen minutes only,” recounts Usborne. “The details don’t matter. The point is that I wondered if anyone would come back. The fear I felt was strong: in a child’s mind it is possible to be alone forever.”

While he went on to live a happy childhood despite this isolated experience, Usborne decided to revisit his fear of being alone and unheard in an evocative photo series titled The Silence of Dogs in Cars. Having a deep affinity for animals, he recreates the sentiment of abandonment that affects everyone, people and animals alike.

Now, I have students, relatives, myself, who had similar experiences.

1. Mine: I was abandoned, like everyone, in my imagination. My decision to “failing to be loved, failing to be wanted” was to be a “I’ll do it myself” person who will not even ask others to do thing, even if it is their job.

For example, my toilet is leaking. I a
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Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!

I have found that bringing curiosity to life, especially things that normally would cause you strong emotions, can counteract the narrowing of your cone of vision, narrowing of your intelligence, narrowing of your emotional flexibility… while destroying life where you are, where I am… inside me.

Let me say it again: bringing curiosity to things can counteract with misery, upset, anxiety, frustration, anger, despair, resignation, sadness, depression… the whole never ending pool of negative emotions.

It takes training.

Our access, humans’ access to reality, nowadays, is our emotions… instead of our feelings (sensory perceptions and observation) and our reasoning capacity.

Instead of getting a first hand view of reality, we, humans, inside the cave of our minds, we interact with the shadows reality casts… and we are jerked through upheavals by things that aren’t even real.
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Republished: The runt of the litter and predatory genes

In nature when a mother has a litter, there may be one or two that will not grow up to be adults… because there is just not enough tits, food, energy, attention is for them.

That is life.
Nature doesn’t like to waste energy… Humans do.
Humans invented morality and the right to live, regardless whether it makes sense or not, so we have an upside down world, where we live in a should world. The selfish gene is not happy…

One of the things that make one the runt of the litter is not enough Life-Force… Life Force, at least partially, is expressed in the number of predatory genes, where you would push away another puppy from the food, so you can eat more.
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It takes courage to become all you can be. Most, 99.99% don’t have it.

What is courage?

The dictionary says: “courage is the ability to do something that frightens you”.

Or said in another way: do something in the face of fear…

I simply call this TLB, the Twitchy Little Bastard score…

If you are not courageous, you are a Twitchy Little Bastard. You run, you hide, you lie, you manipulate, you blame, you do all kinds of things other than a courageous person would do.

There is a tale that illustrates this:

A group of psychologists visits a village in India. The village is right next to a forest where the great tiger lives…

The great tiger visits the village once in a while, and takes a prey. The threat is constant, you never know when the next tiger attack comes.

They interview everyone, including the kids of the village to hear what they’d do if the tiger came… or better said, when the tiger inevitably comes.

the youngest kids say they will hide from the tiger
little bigger kids say they will Outwit the tiger
even bigger kids say they will Outrun the tiger
The sign of an adult is: they face the tiger

Low TLB means that you are not an adult, you have no access to your adult capacities.

Being angry at someone, yelling at them, hitting them, blaming them, is not adult… adult is an emotion-free state: the actions don’t come from emotions.

When I look at the hundreds of people whose TLB I’ve measured in the past few years, I found only two people whose TLB was 10% or more. Some people in my Playground have raised their TLB, sadly not all.

You need a high TLB for life, especially for the kind of life you dream about. My TLB is 70%. In the beginning it was desperation that allowed me to choose courage instead of the strategies kids have… hiding, outwitting, or outrunning the tiger. I was already in my third country, in my fourth profession, still single, still sick… It was time to face the tiger.

The tiger in that story is your darkness, your machine, your “Opponent” as Kabbalists call it, you could call it EGO, the part of you that keeps consciousness from seeing what’s really going on.

Most of us, consciousness never sees reality, only gets it remotely, through the ego, through some interpretation.

When consciousness sees what’s going on, consciousness will encourage all of you, all parts of you, to team up, forget about the different interests, and do the right thing. Serve YOU.

Consciousness is the captain of You, Inc. and it is deprived of information, deprived of clarity, because the other parts of you, Inc. are cowardly or self-serving.

That is you, that is me… fragmented, and there is no you… or there are many “you’s”… like a multiple personality disorder: none of the parts agree. All pull to a different direction.

I can see it on my students… on the Playground partner calls… the different parts struggle for dominance.

I could see it on myself… and I could see the devastating result: no energy, poor sleep, weight
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Intrapersonal emotional intelligence, the ability and willingness to look within and see accurately

People with intrapersonal emotional intelligence are adept at looking inward and figuring out their own feelings, motivations and goals. They are quintessentially introspective. They analyze themselves and seek understanding. People with intrapersonal intelligence are intuitive and usually introverted.

A year or two ago I saw a rather amateurish but good Singaporean TV show (The Truth Seekers) that shook me to my core… and woke me up.

I may be a conspiracy seeker… but I have a hunch that we, humans, have been trained, for millennia,  by society to look the other way, to deny human nature, and escape into nice-nice, and sugar and spice, instead of confronting head-on what we call human nature.
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Your IQ, your base nature… and the Playground

You can have a high IQ, and yet be a slacker in life.

Why? Because IQ is still only a potential of the brain… not independent of what you use or not use, what you expose yourself or not…

I once had an employee who I hired because she was a Mensa Society member. Mensa only accepts people to be members whose IQ tests say they are above 130… I think. But, between you and me, she was a useless employee and I had to let her go.

Since then I don’t trust IQ tests. You can have a high IQ, and yet be an underachiever in life.
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