The nature of inner guidance, or how does inner guidance work?

How does guidance work?

I bet, you expect a straight line from where you are to where you want to be.

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t work on a straight line.

So unless you are willing to take everything as guidance, and not stop asking, thinking you are home free… you’ll make wild left right turns before nature, Consciousness, your body takes you home.

I have been observing this for decades, and tearing my hair our…

Because more often than not, the first “guidance” towards a result you crave will take you to a bad result.

Why? I have some theories, but I don’t actually know why.
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Energy Remedies by Sophie

There can be many reasons you have a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep. But no matter what the reason, the emotional component, your reaction of not being able to sleep, is in common.

And this remedy rescues your sleep. It works on 40 different emotional reactions, including fear, worry, anger, impatience, 40 in all.

Even though it works fast, the best way to take it is to take it throughout the day. It’s not addictive, and it won’t slow you down. Its effect is not chemical, its effect is energetic.

So it is not your usual “take it before you go to bed” type or solution.

Order your remedy here:

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Learn more about the New Healing Modality
Summary: New Healing Modality, the turning of subtle energies of plants into downloadable, infusible energies is a new modality. The 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth, the 40 Bach Energies don’t interfere with each other, unlike their original, the Bach Flower Remedies, where if you included more than 8 remedies in a mix, your results started to diminish.

The 40 energies in this remedy are the following:
Fake cheerfulness

This essence brings about emotional honesty with the self. By acknowledging and transforming deeply rooted emotional pain, one working with agrimony can come to radiate peace as a reality — not just a mask of polite good cheer.
Vague anxiety

This essence relieves fear or anxiety about the unknown. It is especially effective for highly intuitive individuals and helps them integrate messages from the spiritual world. Thus, the individual becomes consciously empowered to act with great inner knowledge and perceptive awareness — a positive step for us all.

This essence deals with relationships with others, specifically acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections. This can be helpful for individuals who have grown up with criticism and high expectation. Outwardly judgmental attitudes of intolerance reflect hypersensitivity to personal, social, and physical environments. Beech essence helps people learn to cope with their underlying sensitivity and encourages tolerance, so that one may see the good within each person.
Over-anxious to serve

This essence is all about establishing boundaries. Centaury helps one strengthen and radiate an inner sense of self so that he or she knows when to give and when enough is enough. Givers and nurturers can end up feeling depleted and resentful when they rely on pleasing others to receive self-validation. Centaury gives strength and integrity to such personalities, helping them to assume greater self-awareness, self-responsibility, and the inner strength to say “no” when appropriate.

This essence encourages self-exploration to establish highly attuned intuition and self-knowing. While seeking advice from others can be very useful, ultimately, each person is
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Is negativity coming from the words you speak? Is positivity coming from the words you speak?

About 50% of humanity believes that positive thinking is what is going to bring home the bacon, suppressing negative thought, negative desires. I saw a video yesterday that even the Dalai Lama’s talk is interpreted as positive thinking…

He says: a small positive thought in the morning can set your whole day on a positive spin.

What he doesn’t say is that the kind of positive thoughts people have aren’t the kind that create a positive spin… au contraire… Just the opposite: They turn your day into sh*t.

I once had a client who lived and still lives in the small upstate New York town where I live… Syracuse NY.

He said, and lived by, that Syracuse is a dark town, no sun.
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What is your time worth? What does it have to do with your worth?


If you are in business… or even if you are only selling your time/work at a job or freelancing, pricing your merchandise, friendship, advice, companionship, your time, your service is going to be something worth looking at.

A few decades ago I published a magazine. The magazine was free, the income came from advertising.

A girl whom I knew from before, who worked at the same architect’s office I worked, called me and asked if she could trade cleaning my office for advertising. Turns out she was turning tricks…

She came to the office, worked for an hour and expected it to cover the price of a quarter page ad, $200 at the time.

Why? Because that is what she got paid by her johns. lol
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Your deserving factor, your earning factor… How much do you deserve? How much have you earned? Are you worth a damn?

The 67 steps… does doing the 67 steps make you deserving? And if yes, why and how?

I am listening to step 1 of the 67 steps again. The seventh time? Eighth time? I have lost track.

And as is usual for me, I am seeing something that Tai is not saying, and I kind of have been seeing, but not really. In the corner of my eyes.

The whole program, the 67 steps, is based on a few quotes: “but is he worth a damn?”
And the one by Charlie Munger: “In life, to get what you want you, need to deserve what you want.”
And the third: “there are only three types of people: people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who ask: what the heck happened?”

Your Inner Authority that you COULD have but you don’t…

It snowed yesterday and last night. Everything is covered with two inches of snow, the trees that haven’t lost their leaves, the cars, the street, my deck that I can see from my computer.

This is not the first time snow comes this early. And for most people in Syracuse, where I live, it is a snooow issue… not good! not good! Time to move to Florida! lol.

The snow comes from Lake Ontario that is an hour North from here as the crow flies. Whenever it is mild first and then the wind turns to arctic… meaning coming from the North, snow comes with it.


Nothing wrong: as long as reality works the way reality works, all is well… even if it snows on your parade, even if you hate removing the snow from your car, even if you haven’t taken your winter shoes out of storage.
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You can’t even SEE a better future…

My Sunday calls, a kind of podcast with limited accessibility (paid), used to be called Sunday Rants.

A rant is a loud and extended complaint.

I am a joyfully exuberant person… I stand out wherever I go, some people love me around, others hate me… I make ripples, I ruffle feathers. I am that way. I don’t try to, I don’t have a “what to do to appear exuberant”…
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Your vibration is a number that indicates something that you didn’t expect: from how high you view, from how high you see reality.

Depending on that number you can see more or less… and obviously if you see less you make more mistakes, your world closes in on you, your actions will be misdirected, ineffective, and you will be lacking.

Vibration or Vibrational frequency is a relative number. It is made up: what it measures is not a physical number, it is measuring to what degree your consciousness is in line with all-of-it, to what degree it is in harmony with the universe, and to what degree you live in alignment with the Original Design, which is living in harmony with all.

The number is between 1 and 1000. My vibration currently 990, and because the number is logarithmic, I am in about 60% harmony with all of it.

Most people living on the planet have their vibration on or under 150. Certain capacities are not available below certain vibration. Love is not available under 530

Doing my courses raises your vibration by taking you out of the mind and harmonizing you (through activators) with all of it.
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Are you a dabbler, a sampler, a “I’ll try that” person?

One characteristic of the 99% is that they don’t heed Alexander Pope’s warning:

“A little learning is a dang’rous thing; / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.”

This behavior even characterizes the 99% of the One Percent.

Why is being a taster, a dabbler, a person who samples, tries out, but never drinks deep from anything?

You can have it, as Alexander Pope suggests, about learning. But if you do it in one place, you do it everywhere.

How you do anything is how you do everything!

So you do it in your relationships. You impregnate a woman, but never become a partner, a father.

In the chicken and the pig parallel: you are always the chicken: you only give what costs you little, never give all of yourself.

Same at work, same everywhere.

The chicken is involved. The pig is committed.

You? Chicken, all the way.

And your results, your life experience, all show.

You are interested…

“The difference between interested and committed is that if you are committed to something you will do everything in your power to make something happen but if you are only interested you will find excuses when the going gets tough or even beforehand.”

It is not just a matter of integrity. Integrity, courage, are both missing from today’s human, homo sapiens.

I have been watching a few Jim Rohn videos. He went from ordinary human to extraordinary human. The 1% of humanity. Vibration 200… Did he go all the way to human being? No, he didn’t.

But even though he is ONLY in the 1%, his listeners are all over the place.

He teaches the “right things”… and people nod, people laugh from recognition of themselves, and then what happens? A big fat nothing… 99%-ers won’t do anything with what they learned… except quote him.

The biggest enemy of real transformation is the “knowledgeable” student. Who knows everything but produces nothing or next to nothing.

It is impossible to predict which one of the 1% will be also part of the 1% or the 1%, who makes it through the “gate”… and becomes a human being.

What do you need to become an achiever?

There are no rules, but here are some of my observations:

1. I came from deeper than most anyone I know. My vibration was 35 when I embarked on this work of transformation. The lowest I have ever measured in the Starting Point Measurements was 100… so 35 means I was as close to dead as it comes. A walking, talking dead person.

This was back in 1985.
In 2007, 22 years later, my vibration was 175.
In 2009, I suddenly increased my vibration to 400… actually due to the energy I re-broadcast in the Big Bundle.
Today my vibration is much higher than that…

There were thousands present during those energy transmissions. Two of them, friends of mine.

I know one other person who was part of the 1%… Her and me. Two people…

The energy really did one thing and one thing only: for a brief moment woke up consciousness.

A dabbler, an interested
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The myth that if you are better than…

The myth that if you are better than the average, if you are better than the other guy/gal then you are OK…

If you knew how others view you, if you knew how you rank as a human… really, you’d be up in arms, shouting “bloody murder!” because you are delusional. You can’t see the other, you can’t see yourself, and you definitely can’t see yourself the way others see you… so any and all negative feedback is a surprise and an insult.

But if you are comparing yourself to another 99 percenter… whether they are average, below average, or above average, you are comparing yourself to something irrelevant…

Scientists, statisticians say humanity and its characteristics, intelligence, achievement, health, etc. can be described with the bell curve, where they focus on the average…

But if you ask anyone if they want to be average, they mostly say no… and they fancy themselves as above average.

But even if you are above average, you are comparing yourself against people who you don’t respect… who are miserable, unproductive, undisciplined, liars, cheaters, like yourself.
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